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Home > Anna Mae He in China (Feb 11, 2008)
Video of Anna Mae and Jack He in Beijing
Dr. Bob (an American who lived in China for years) gave Anna a Chinese book, Anna took the book and asked Jack to read it to her. She is very smart and always wants to learn. When she was at Sea World, she paid attention to the names of the marine animals. The quality of this video is greatly reduced due to compression. The original was crystal clear with beautiful colors.
KFC in Beijing
KFC in Beijing serves Chinese style food
2008-02-11, Anna Mae He in a Chinese Restauraunt
After we had some breakfast in a KFC where Anna Mae ate some You-tiao, we went to Chinese food place for some Chinese style breakfast again
Monument of The People's Heroes
He family on the Tian-an-men Square
Anna took a picture before the Monument of the People's Hero, then we took a picture with the Chairman Mao's portrait in the background. It was windy and cold, so we did not walk closer to the palace
Anna, Avita and Andy
The girls like toys
The He family on the march
Anna making a Victory sign
We were at the Sea World, amazing place, better than the ones I saw in U.S.
Lunch Menu
Anna Mae examines her lunch menu
Jack reading a Chinese book to Anna
Anna entered the room with a Chinese book in hand and asked Jack to read it to her. There is a video for this. Very interesting.
Anna in hotel room