Anna Mae Case Time Line (by CommercialAppeal)

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Jack He travels to China for a wife, Qin 'Casey" Luo. She joins him in Memphis a few weeks later.

A Chinese student claims He tried to rape her in a university classroom; He, protesting his innocence is fired from university job

November 26
Casey He seven months pregnant, is hospitalized for bleeding after a dispute with the student's husband in a grocery store.

December 1
With little income and no relatives nearby, the Hes turn to Mid-South Christian Services to discuss options for when the baby is born

January 28
Anna Mae He is born prematurely.

February 24
Foster Parents Jerry and Louise Baker agree to keep Anna Mae for 90 days.

April 27
Jack He is charged with sexual battery in connection with the October incident.

May 23
Hes agree to continue temporary foster care.

June 4
Legal custody is transferred to Bakers at Juvenile Court

Jack He asks for Anna Mae's return; agrees to wait until Mrs. Baker gives birth in February 2001

May 3
Hes petition Juvenile Court for Anna Mae's return.

June 23
Referee Claudia Haltom denies the petition, citing lack of income and pending criminal charges.

Aug. 1
Police escort Casey He from Baker home after she refuses to leave at the end of an hour-long visit.

January 28
On Anna Mae's second birthday the Bakers refuse to let the Hes take Anna Mae to a photo studio. Police tell the Hes to leave and not return.

Feb. 15
Hes write Juvenile Court requesting the return of Anna Mae and complaining about the birthday incident.

April 9
The Hes formally petition to regain custody through Juvenile Court.

June 20
The Bakers petition Chancery Court to adopt, citing abandonment and failure to provide financial support. Juvenile Court action put on hold.

Hes deposit $15,000 with the court to pay for guardian and related court costs. (Bakers pay their share later in the year.) Chancellor D.J. Allisandratos issues no-contact order stopping the Hes from seeing Anna Mae.

February 21
Jack He is acquitted in criminal court on the four-year-old assault charge.

Sept. 23
The Hes visit Anna Mae at a psychologist's office. It is the first time in almost three years they have seen their child.

November 14
The Hes and the Chinese Embassy in Washington file a complaint with the state Court of the judiciary alleging Allisandratos had been unfair. Under state law, complaints about judges are confidential until the complaint is resolved. Allisandratos withdraws from the case.

Feb.23- Mar2
Trial before Circuit Court Judge Robert "Butch" Childers. Final arguments set for today, after which Childers has 30 days to rule.

May 12, 2004

Judge Robert Childers terminated� Hes' parental rights on grounds of willful abandonment

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