Hes' second day in China

Around 2:00AM last night, the kids woke up and were quite excited... This was because they were sleeping since afternoon. They are still adjusting to the time difference.

In the morning, Jack and Casey went to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. U.S. Homeland Security Department gave the Hes a document which states that they must appear in person before an officer of a U.S. Consulate after they arrive in China. After we passed through two sets of guards, our appearance puzzled the U.S. embassy personnel as they did not know what to do with this. After some telephone calls, the U.S. embassy staff figured out what to do. They directed the Hes to call another telephone number, to talk to a homeland security department office in Beijing. Jack He talked to two officers for quite a while, and found he must make an advanced appointment-- the next available date is on Thursday. We get their fax number and plans to fax the neccessary documents over. The Hes can't wait.

They will first go to Chongqing, Casey's hometown to meet their relatives there. I told Anna that she was going to another beautiful city. She immediately said: "it's chongqing" with perfect pronunciation of the city name.

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Anna Mae playing Nintendo DS
I was surprised that Andy never tried to grab the DS and play it himself.