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Media Coverage on
Legal Opinions from law experts
Judicial Misconduct & Cover up
People's Opinions
Hes' Legal Team
The Parties and Contact Information
About this site
Excerpts of the TN Supreme Court Ruling
Anna Mae in Hunan
Hes' second day in China
Anna Mae He in China (Feb 11, 2008)
He family awaits the return of AMH
Comments on Bakers' offer to help Hes to stay in U.S.
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Bakers' Motion for Stay
Tennessee Supreme Court Denies Bakers' Motions to Rehear and to Stay
Analysis: Bakers filed motion for the TN Supreme Court to rehear AMH case
Bakers' Testimony on "that day"
Key Issues in AMH Appeal
Tennessee Attoney General proposed to adopt Dr. Yue's interpretation of title 36 of the TN statute
Report on Oct 4, 2006 oral argument (Chinese version)
Oral argument on the AMH case held on Oct 4, 2006
Related Links (If missing, click on Saved copy link)PUSH Coalition says journal a fraudulent attempt [Saved copy]
Custody fallout: Judge scolded [Saved copy]
AMH ruling is FINAL [Saved copy]
TN High Court: you people ought to be ashamed [Saved copy]
Anna Mae Case Time Line (by CommercialAppeal) [Saved copy]

Dr. Yue's Amicus Brief Filed with the TN Supreme Court
Dr. Yue's brief addressed the key issues in the AMH case (1) whether the Hes abandoned AMH (2) whether the court correctly handled evidence (3) whether the court correctly applied the law.
Hes Final Motion to TN Supreme Court
The Hes filed their pro se motion asking the TN High Court to award custody based on superior rights doctrine after parental rights are reinstated
One page summary of key arguments
This one page summary was distributed to the attendees of the oral argument at the Tennessee Supreme Court (Ms. Pan even handed a copy to the Bakers' side)
TN Supreme Court Order Denying Bakers' Motion to Rehear
Denied. Denied. PER CURIAM. Swift Justice
TN Supreme Court AMH Opinion
The Court resinstated Hes' parental rights and returned the custody of AMH to the Hes
Bakers' motion for rehearing the AMH case
Bakers' motion the TN Supreme Court to rehear the AMH case.
David Siegel's Brief With TN Supreme Court (Extract)
The parts on "willful failure to visit"
Majority Opinion on AMH case appeal
The court of appeals affirmed trial court ruling
Tennesseee AG Brief
AMH case schedule
Amicus Brief filed by legal experts
Childers' ruling is wrong and dangerous (2MB PDF file, please wait until it loads)
Dissenting Opinion by Judge Holly Kirby
The majority decision wrong and unjust
Childers' Opinion (trial court)
Hes parental rights terminated
Jack He's Resume
He's resume
Hes' Appeal Brief
Filed by Hes attorneys David Siegel and Richard Gordon
Hes Public Statements
-- 15 point response to Childers' ruling. The lies, twists, distortion, fabrication of evidence exposed.
Bakers' letter to Hes' lawyer
Bakers offer to help Hes stay in U.S.
OCA Amicus Brief
Amicus Brief by OCA
Court testimonies
Reported by WREG.COM
Draft proposal to amend TN Code
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